Leadership and Fatherhood

As I sit beside my 10days old daughter, I slowly realise what I have been asking Men to share with me for my project Crayon Leaders in the past few months.

Protraing a Fahter and Leader

Protraing a Fahter and Leader

The emotional abyss that I have dived in to in the past week hath been deeper than anything I have been in before (and I thought I knew how to dive). Nothing could have prepared me for this, not the multitude of talks or books to the topic or as one of these Leader-Father said “there is a Before and an After, that’s it”.

The words that come to mind are; vulnerability, hopelessness, protectiveness but also tenderness unconditional love and attention.

Like in my project Lipstick Leaders, Crayon Leaders is a project that aims to challenge the ideas and preconceptions that our society has about Gender roles and Leadership.  But this time ill focus on Men-Leaders who are Fathers.

If in Lipstick Leaders I have put Women Leaders in a visual space that in the past belonged only to Men, in Crayon Leaders, Men will be shown in the visual space that traditionally was kept Women.

This will be generated by a “Livingroom”-like space, decorated by a multitude of colourful Leaders portraits, made with Crayons. Reachable, communal, and Heart-levelled.

I want to show Men-Leaders in a vulnerable, warm and Loving light. Not by making them cute or soft but by holding them accountable in their role as Leaders and Fathers.